Italy, The Beautiful

Image result for italyToday, my Italy has suffered a terrible earthquake killing too many.  Please pray that courage will reach the devastated.  We have to remember where we began and we began from Italy.  Lets pray her back to health, for this world is nothing without her.  Thank you



I am a mystery shopper, Not an employed one – I volunteer. Mostly I’m forced to every week. And, rarely do I not get some lesson from grocery shopping– thus an enormous part of the mystery. All my family members pat me on the back as I’m leaving to do the weekly grocery – they think its some kind of heroic act. With tears in their eyes – and a banner that reads “safe return mom”. Ohhhhh…kaaaaayyyy.Whatever.

Cooking and baking begins at the super market, where I set out once a week with my super hero shopping bag flailing on my arm as I walk towards and not away from produce. Fruit and vegetables wait patiently to be saved from all the prodding and poking and for me to locate, inspect and apprehend them and bring them back to the temporary sanctuary called my kitchen. Where they will live out a quality type life in weaved basketery or on my window sill for about three to four days and where they will finally provide inspiration that they were born for the reason of perpetuating health and longevity in humans or my family members and most of my friends for Saturday night entertainment theme dinners at my place – I insist.

Why I bother – one might ask. To which I respond, “If I don’t Joan of Arc my way as grocery shopping patron saint and fight the war on eating poorly when we have no excuse to– as well, to stop the senseless slaughter of unsuspecting and delicious outgrowths– then who –I ask you – who will?”

But for growling stomachs – there is not a sound in the room when I ask that question. Not a sound.

Just as I suspected. I’m off to save mankind– this week I’m interviewing some passion fruit to find out just exactly why they remain that passionate, that long… oh my! ???????????????

For One Afternoon, I Was Both Photographer and Poet.

On an isolated afternoon last summer, as I was being quiet and contemplative, the sun found me.  As it had been having a particularly ‘good ray’ day,  the sun then asked me if I would be so inclined as to  take its photo.  And so I did. Then, it asked me if I would be so gracious and write some poetry and so I did this too. The sun then went on to say  that I should unite the two in booklet form and sell it on Amazon as a Kindle.  Just don’t shoot the messenger– the sun told me to do it.

Deep in our subconscious we’ve all left a trail for ourselves to follow back for clarity and warmth and reason.   I named it The Kerchief Trail.

Downton Abbey – My Take As To Why We Keep Watching It

How To Convince Your Boyfriend To Watch Downton Abbey With you
–No, there will be little to no skin exposure and yes, there will be all the free lessons in good manners you can stand.
Goodness Gracious
The most alluring thing about Downton Abbey lies in its steady ability to display grace under fire. The fires are the same amongst people of every culture all over the land including TV land. The difference has got to be the grace the British and this British drama employ in dealing with issues.
Grace in manners, grace in hardship, grace in relationships, grace in divorce and abortion, theivery and murder– grace in their soup. No matter how you slice it or where in the DVD you pause it — you can be assured of it gracefully picking up where it left off and with nobody beneath the age of ninety-four suffering of sudden viewership assault from flying verbal misuse, or complete disregard of decent conduct. The over ninety-four have tougher skin.
Make no mistake, there are verbs flying everywhere all of the time at Downton–only, these tend to make sense. You’ll find the oxford dictionary come to life depicting all the synonyms of the term and the act of ‘honor’. Strategically cast is Lady Crawly, played by Elizabeth Mcgovern, as the American heiress. She and her U.S funds live at Downton and fully play themselves out in the English custom. Excellent move to have her horse and buggied over there as our interpret. A language peace offering and so she could come back with news that discourse needn’t be ladened with swears and flip-offs. However, with her non-British accent nor stand point, Lady Crawley’s Americanisms appropriately come in to snap us back to the reality that perfect grammar is not going to make the boo-boo go away faster.
Where there is a great divide between production company ideology, there is zero separation between the upper class and the servants in Downton. Life foibles are going to happen to the lot regardless rich or poor. It would be the fair treatment from the upper class dwellers of Downton ensuring that when life foibles happen at the servant level, and if they want to keep working there, they too must deal with them with a leveled grace. It just makes for good business.
Contentment is another thing they had going for them. Plus, they eat and drink from their fine china brought out daily for their enjoyment of being wealthy in real time. They don’t do whole ‘save the good stuff for company bit, why would they? Why do we?
The next time I snap at my servant, I will exercise manners… just kidding… I always use my manners.

Why I Decided To Hail, Hail Caesar

Don’t get me wrong, I had no problems immediately liking this movie upon its announcement– the hailing of it came after I watched the movie. I also decided that critics are sometimes not only wrong, but they’re wrong plus they’re liars. They have job security though and don’t care. So kids, remember the adage don’t judge a book by its cover– here’s the film viewer’s version, don’t judge a movie by its reviewers. Now back to why I liked– no loved Hail Caeser, more and more as I write this…
Ready? Here it goes– Hail Caesar is by the Coen Brothers’ perspective…therefore uncomfortably accurate. Anything accurate poses a threat to the average Saturday night movie goer. Oh its been entertainment all along, Hail Caesar asks the viewer to appreciate it further than its face or ratings value. It depicts how life is stranger than fiction because fiction is illusionary and can and does go wherever the writer, producer, director shapes it to go– sometimes menacingly leading actors to where no non acting man or woman has gone before. Some make it back others stay trapped within the confines of a really daring role to the point that that’s all they have left from life.
Its all the writers, producers and directors doing, and we’re no better as viewers taking for granted all that getting lost they do in their role. Long after the writer, producer, director stopped daring and the viewer got up to get snacks and forgot to sit back down and bear witness.

Which brings us to the other question this movie wants us to pose– are good actors born and not made or they just asking for it? No matter what the answer– this movie asks us to appreciate that whether we knew it or not –we have been seriously entertained. Perhaps, sometimes when the movie is really good– at the expense of some poor actors’ demise as a regular non-professional actor/person who was left in the ‘syndication forest’ for dead and was ne’er to be seen again.

Lessons Of The Fall


Composure and how to maintain it throughout a miscalculation of sorts leading to a domino-ish breakdown of orders deliberately straying from your original intent which was to get to the kitchen from the living room minus an Oscar winning performance of falling down. In other terms falling over, tripping, falling flat. Physically falling, the kind Hollywood production companies pay good money for stunt persons to perform. The kind that you get up from and can chuckle though you know there are bruises forming up bluer than one of Dr. Oz’s sets on coagulation. The kind that takes your breath away and steals the show, interruptive, a little obscene if you’re wearing a short skirt, slow, unscripted, underrated performance, no applaud at the end and not to mention with an un-readied speech you were unprepared and because you met the floor face-to-face greeting it with “&h*!…that didn’t just happen”!

The living room as your stage, folks previously and peacefully watching TV, and an attention seeking moment that would prove to be so demanding that it be noticed and integrated into their psyche as to what not to reproduce, but should they in the future be as brave or seemingly drunk (which by the way and embarrassingly no alcohol was used in the making of this particular plunge), here are few DIY rules.

These then are the lessons of the fall. First thing you need to know is realize that this is going to happen and there is no stopping or turning back or redo. This is it. The second thing you need to grasp is that with nothing there to grasp to try and stop your fall – bargain with the trip master or the edge of the coffee table about how to fall with grace. Negotiate the terms later, but during the slow motioned leap and you’re seeing your pre-bruisy life span out in front of you– settle on no broken bones and or lasting scars. As you’re falling – succumb (this is a word for another post and for some other time) …so succumb and make peace with the falling– embrace it, leisure in it, pretend you really are a stunt person and that you are on camera. Realizing it isn’t up to us anymore, there is a release and letting go of the reins, letting go of control, letting go of a little of your lunch. Looking back –its kind of beautiful.

Once you’re down and you’re smelling the earth or the floorboards– this is where you come in. I suggest you are deliberate now in the choice words or sounds that follow. Will you be hero and jump back to an upright stance, hands on hips as though nothing transgressed. Or will you stay down, blaming ill-positioned furniture feng-shui-ed wrongly, conjuring up old fights with family, especially in-laws not even present at the time of the event, use impressive swears in front of your steadily internet-brainwashed kiddies, bang your fists to the floor and let out sounds of the sore losing variety.  Or will you pick yourself up, brush yourself off (freakin’ cat hair in your mouth– pull that out) and start all over again. Composed, cool as a cucumber, reassure others you’re alright, pass the alcohol home kit test, walk the chalk line your toddler drew on the floor for you and remember what you got up for in the first place before you hit your head a little.

You’re fine, people around you never looked better than when you’re still in a daze and just coming back from a fall. Go with this for a while until it wears off. Last and most impactful lesson here is, while you’re wearing the color purple on an elbow, a fall of that caliber tends to separate the friends from the foes for you bringing out their own true colors. The ones still laughing it up at your expense and belittling you are the first ones you’ll want to try that new hex on. Just kidding, or am I? Now, now remember composure wins the race.  Last lesson… never race into your kitchen– wrong direction. You want to race to your nearest trip-adviser and book the right kind of trip.