Take Two Aspirin and Take Action In The Morning

Prayer like Tylenol works in twos. Prayer is an ‘as above-so below’ two part deal type thing. Why should we pray if God already knows what’s in our heart? Because that’s only half the story. The next half is to be silent and listen honestly to what He’s telling us we should want. If everyone’s on board about what we want meaning we got the Heavenly stamp of approval– then the prayer necessarily would be geared toward knowing when all this will take place. God grant me patience –but hurry. Prayer is just the right thing to do and for the right thing to do purpose. It cannot and does not fail if this is kept in mind. The only thing people are meant to have power in is in the power of prayer itself. Becoming powerful here is, quite literally, nothing but a good thing. For it is by mastering this uncomplicated ritual that we will know our Master and His simple yet effective intention for us—all.

Put Down That Tomato– Your Fork May Have More Nutrients

Yesterday I picked up a carton of strawberry milk from a store. I did it against all my beliefs about milk thus far and how it only came in two shades–white and that other color called ‘for kids or adults-who-have-given-up-on-their waistline ‘ chocolate.  Plus, an enormous  container  only cost me a Canadian two dollars; therefore, well worth its weight in Pepto Bismol pink fluid. Riddle: where do they keep the strawberry milk producing cows –Answer: in the strawberry milk fields…. forever?! …say The Beatles.

Having done the mental math after the one sip of the cotton candy liquid and feeling strangely fat as though it had already solidified guiltily between both my healthier yet none-the-less painful rituals (nearly two sets of sixty sit ups and Sunday confession)– I decided to pour it down the kitchen sink. I just knew in my gut the right thing to do was to  kill it so that diets everywhere could survive. I also knew in that moment,that in my next incarnations,  I’d solemnly swear ahead of time to never toy with the notion that pink milk was anything more than a figment of the imagination or ghostly apparition.

Down the drain it went and as it did I laughed at the irony of it all. How the inventors of this so called milk must have been high when thinking this one out—probably not anywhere close to a farm at the time—but only a funny farm.

I laughed as the cascade of My Little Pony pink sank terminally down into the sewers of sugar hell. Even the sink got diabetes after that. As for quenching your thirst, not so…for it is pink milk’s aim to quench any sense of dignity and maturity you thought you acquired as an adult. Unless and until you are Alice in Wonderland on steroids entertaining the mad hatter on drugs then don’t bother to bring strawberry milk into the light of day nor to the office.
And lastly, did you know that the consumption of genetically modified foods will eventually render us genetically modified or partially animated? 



Words alone have no meaning, they range from inactive if you don’t activate them and dead if you don’t speak them. They’re not even visible if you don’t drag them out of the dictionary and wear them around to give them shape and form.  Words alone don’t carry weapons,so they cannot hurt. Words cannot heal either unless used in collaboration with a cotton ball drenched and soaked from the flask of sincerity,kindness and compassion– the same flask God would use and has. Words can, however, survive a moment or a lifetime on their intention. For as many millions of words there are, to exist on this plane, they feed on two intentions alone -either to hurt or to heal. Intention is to words what gasoline is to a car. The wrong type of gas or words can ruin your motor or your message which you’ve been trying to traverse.

The three categories of who your words affect. Most people belong to group one- these are people who claim they know you by your usage of millions of words or at least the same string of words used a million times — they’ll still walk away confused and mostly unaffected being neither hurt nor healed  such as: overly friendly customer agents, potential insurance clients, teenagers.

Group two–people who do know you and that you’ve had a few words with or a few too many wrong words with and expect you to shut up because they’ll know what you mean without your say, such as: losing-interest-fast-clients,an angry ex wife or two, the person who speeds ahead of you in traffic and can’t hear your few words.

And finally, group three- these are the ones that know you and love you anyway. Ones to whom you really don’t remember saying much but only that love has been conveyed and established; those who know you’d do anything to help and never hurt them and that love means never having to say you’re…s…anything.  Somehow though- you’ve been heard; intention having come through deafeningly loud and actively clear without the use or abuse of verbals.

So put the dictionary down and back away slowly with your hands up. You’re under word arrest. You have the right…scratch that …you have the obligation to remain silent if you know you’re about to screw things up by speaking hurtful words.

Magically Good

As to Great cooks– like magicians and scientists and inventors, the one thing we have in common is that we’re seen as liars.  Its not that we don’t share our recipes nor that we’re holding back on a secret ratio to a magic potion– its not that at all. Its that we ourselves do not function well as teachers of our art.  Here’s our recipe– a great cook is made up of equal amounts of each; 1 part magician, 1 part scientist, 1 part inventor, liberal amounts of sugar and spice and most things nice, plus a dash of naughty where you sneak in a secret ingredient for their own good. Like kale which is healthy for them or a root of hemlock dug up in the dark and a sprinkling of that ‘twig of yew tree’ I bought on sale at Sobeys’ last week. Right, so do you still want that veggie burger recipe or not?  Better hurry, its gettin’ dark outside and I got me some fine cuisining to do.

I am just so kidding.  


Veggie Burgers


quinoa cooked maybe 3 cups

kale fresh and chopped very fine  maybe 2 cups or more

breadcrumbs (msg free type) perhaps 1 cup

1 cup romano cheese (if you want to mess it up use a non-italian cheese here)

1 half raw onion chopped (I put the kale and onion in food processor)

then just go crazy on the spices and seeds:  dry mustard, dry garlic, black pepper, chia seeds and flax, ( up to 3 tbsp of each)

mix all dry ing. together in a big bowl, then add 1 possibly 2 eggs depending if too dry

That’s it…that’s all I’m permitted to say.

Redefining Goals

Had we known where the future lay, we’d have disputed it all the way there. Brightly so, we were quieted by its mystery or its sheer defiance to tell all. Thus, we didn’t have a choice but to make mistakes while journeying– they contributed to getting to the end and perfect goal– His for us.

Some people refer to God as an intelligence.  How about if the intelligent thing about God is that He’s there and we’re not. There is where we’ll be one day, but for now, we’re down here acting like a bunch of idiots and thinking that we’re more intelligent than He.


The Journey Of The Smile

The ‘s’ in smile is the departure point standing for sadness and it takes the journey of the ‘mile’ which follows to reach the other side to satisfaction with whatever the lips held as secret in between. The journey of the smile begins with a singular thought that must be a determination to be happy once more. This, if you’ve wondered, is the mystery behind the Mona Lisa smile. It defies the gravity of her oppressing and dismal looking reality.

The day we got news that my brother of only thirty-six years of age passed away tragically, was for me, the same day the world seemed to stop smiling. Even more frightening was the prospect that we’d never see our mother be happy again after the loss of her beloved son. We needed her back, but it seemed she had to take a leave of absence from us – the rest of her children. Our mother was still alive and her son which was of her flesh – was gone of this universe. We watched her inner struggle with the realization that she’d never see her son again while still needing to respond and be ‘back’ for the rest. How did she justify this to herself?

One day her smile returned. It radiated with an understanding she must have gotten about life and death and how closely intertwined they actually are; that love is an energy which doesn’t end but actually transcends itself. It was as though she had been granted visitation rights from both realms, where ever her children happened to be.

A smile can only be successfully transmitted and received –if it stems from that place in the heart which searches for hope, finds it and bring it back as reassurance that all is ultimately– good.



This sums me up accurately enough. Even nature can be a threat if its boundaries aren’t understood or respected. Like the rose for instance, mishandled — it can prick you.  Human nature is an altogether different kind of threat – it can be sneaky and scheming…very harmful to the inexperienced and unsuspecting.

Lucky for you, being Capricorn means that I’m a natural born James Bond and life can ‘mission me impossible’ all it wants. We’ll notice the threat and go in anyway knowing we’re upheld by the mighty forces that be.  We know, without a doubt, that we’re the ones that make it back because we’re needed to help mankind get out of a bind …like …always.

Born with pliers and a thorough comprehension of bomb defusal, whether in buildings or messed up people inner wiring– we cut the crap-py deadly green, no wait…red wire, so we can finally,  all get on with the day.  Stopping to smell the roses while we’re getting on with the day, but knowing to leave them in thy neighbor’s yard– less prickly!