So let me get this straight. Giving and receiving presents at chrsitmas time started in the bible?  The three wise men that brought presents for the baby Jesus, which was utterly cool.   The art of giving and receiving at Christmas time has changed somewhat. The Gift of the Magi, written by O Henry, about the married couple who sell their own precious possession for the acquisition of what would hopefully become a precious possession to the other.  Lets dwell on this for a moment — shall we.  Essentially, this is Christmas giving at its core.  She had her hair cut off and sold it in order to buy her hubby a chain for his watch, which hubby sold in order to buy combs for his beloveds’  hair.  Which if he waits it out, will grow back in a month….geez.

But you get the idea.  Gift giving is understanding what someone else would really need and love and then understanding what we ourselves could go without in order to make someone else happy.  Sacrificial??? Maybe, but if all goes accordingly such as that proverbial thought counting…then it should all work out in the end, nobody goes home empty handed and possible fireworks in the bedroom… tis better to give than to receive…


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