Cocoa Butter Heck

Easter forecast calling for bunnies with a few cows…made, of course, out of chocolate. I guess there really isn’t an end to this chocolate threat? Come the holiday itself—I’ve had it with cocoa butter. Take shelter every one from the falling chocolate mini eggs courtesy of the giant hen in the sky and she takes the time to individually wrap each one — how incredibly hyper of her.

White chocolate is the imposter chocolate, so that’s no better. Every so often an albino chocolate goat get its day in the sun. Hopefully though, not showcased in direct sunlight through the store window cause that could leave a mark. Then there’s the dark chocolate, a semi healthier version enrobing some type of partially distinguishable farm animal, and, once chocolate coated– who then cares what it used to be.

It’s big business this business of chocolate—dentists and farmers everywhere rejoice.


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