Imagine There’s No Ego–Its Easy If You Try

Ah Egotism or ego,for short, and how easily it bruises. Comes across as a tough guy but oh how susceptible the ego is to the condition of readily bursting blood vessels and self-combustibility and deflation.

While recognizing ego in us is no easy task because it lives in denial—getting a grip over it is really very important if one wants to put others first at times and other times care for someone other than oneself. The thing most fragile in humans yet the very same thing least needy of our attention and consolation is this ego. Stroking it daily will ruin us for others. Created weak on purpose so we may crush the ego and live in real time –for real and with real people around us. Ego never gets invited out to parties and gatherings. Ego hangs out anyway but usually leaves the said party or gathering—alone and a little hurt—wonder why?

The ego gets systematically hurt because it turns up where it doesn’t belong –at the wrong time and in the wrong location –somewhere between teeth and someone’s fist. Having no back bone of its own except for its pesky nature of being devoted and intentional on finding trouble– the ego, if not stopped or toned down or reality checked– will wreak the havoc it was destined to wreak or exhaust itself trying.

Once we know that the ego must be dropped like a bad habit, then will we know who our real friends really are. First on that list is ourselves minus the superlative and hotheaded attitude getting in our own way.

Imagine an Ego-less world. I do and that’s not just my ego talking.


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