What’s For Supper McMom?

Today,every few hours, people in the first and second worlds die of McNutrition. Thats when there is no shortage of food, just forced and ample amounts of the wrong kind. We can’t blame it on “not” knowing the difference between a tomato and a patty of sick cowhide…and poor cow — I feel sorrier for it. We learn this the first year of Mediterrean school.

Regardless, we’ll reach for the patty 1.5 out of 2 times. Why??? because it’s there. McReadily accessible and serving up McHeartattacks by the “Toddlers in Tiaras” ripe old age of three. Good job on that show moms — now tell that to your neighborhood pedo. We’re killing our young ones by showing them it’s o.k. to eat that %$# thus do drugs cause what’s drugs if not chemicals??

So the next time you set your kids in front of a Mcfarce, why not have it blended down instead then rolled up into joints and save them the trouble of chewing.


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