GIRL LEGOS…Anyone Check To See and How Can One Be Sure Of Gender?

I read somewhere that Girls’ Lego Blocks are now a hit, subtitled— ‘but why do girls need special Legos?’. Largely insinuating that girls needs have always been particular or more needy needs…not so!

This has to do with color—not of the skin this time but of the little plastic and rectangular building blocks to the imagination and its wonderous (minus its gender) potential. Not so much how girls are drawn to color—because ‘twould be a blatant lie if we said we’re not… in fact, the brighter –the-better. But more because had Hasbro the brilliance and foresight back then (or went by the name of Has-Sis too) to produce multi-colored and even, dare I say, rainbow colored Lego blocks instead of just red and black –then boys would have been intrinsically reticent even a little queasy to use them all up for themselves –and, non-feministically asking– what up with that? –thereby leaving some for your little sister to play with and/or build her pink and yellow stock-exchange building with if she so pleases.

We’d, today, so many hues later –be humming a different tune or altogether shutting up about how boys and girls inherent and ‘built-in’ capabilities for greatness and the measures taken there – may differ. Nonsense!

Imagine what a little paint can do!


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