Adult Moves

Being an adult entails actually behaving like one. We’re in luck– if we goof up one time, we get ample opportunities to get it right. The kids are betting on us to get it right please, since technically we’re the ones with the reputation for being the adults here.

Granted, decisions are not what they used to be either. The decision making process has gotten easier and lot less agonizing. At least now we live in a world where the adult male in the family doesn’t have to decide who gets to eat some of that deer he just hunted down and roasting. Now everyone gets pizza. Disturbing thought –not really, there are worse things to roast—like pizza.

Our basic needs as humans have been met time and again. We don’t have this worry, so lets see how else we can create problems where there are none instead of trying to be examples of good humans and more specifically examples of good humans to our children.

Stress gets all the heat these days. Stress moves are bad moves and moves that will need repair work down the line.

Dignity and integrity, lets bring these back, they have been missing from our vocabulary and replaced by lol or brb. “ Mom, when you’re done with texting your pusher, can I order a pizza because me and my six illegitimate siblings haven’t had a bath in days”.

People, people! …lets get a grip and be adults here for Heaven’s sake. Lets make sound calculated, and mature choices why? Because we must — we’re the one wearing the badge. And whether we choose to wear the adult badge of honor or not – its too late to decide upon that.

Pizza anyone?


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