Uncommon Decency

Decency as a muscle, if not exercised daily, regularly and consciously –will atrophy. Today and on this very day, acts that would require using our decency will be asked of us—a lot. Decency is also good for the heart; just like that apple a day. It’s not an extra-curricular activity, almost like going to the gym. You can stay home while you exercise this act. In fact, like its brother charity, decency begins at home.

Off the cuff decency, nothing in it for us, pure and unaltered and entirely unrehearsed acts of letting heart –think then decide. Decency is something so subtle so individualistic and personal –its really hard to annotate and box-in. Conversely, the lack of decency towards something or especially someone, should sound off alarm bells for miles.

I will depict for you what decency isn’t – decency is not slapping on clothes in the morning –there’s some perfectly decent nudists. Decency isn’t apologizing for getting caught in a heinous act. Decency isn’t just a thought not requiring the decent jest that follows. This is what decency is not.

When searching for a mate, decency seals the deal for you when having to decide between two good looking prospects. Decency is a woo-factor lending itself to the overall cuteness of a person…that unspoken je-ne-sais-quoi turned now-we-know-quoi.

Awards for leaping off tall buildings and stopping trains aren’t allotted every day in that old and fake Hollywood fashion—basically because life isn’t cinema. Rest assured, and you will, that though you may not get a medal, someone important is always watching…and that’s all day, every day to an almost indecent amount – always!

Oh well, off to a picnik — the weather is being uncommonly decent.


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