“Life” — Not The Cereal

Broad topic?—Definitely is!  For starters, how do they make those little squares taste so good in milk?  Life, everyone reading this has got one and what everyone does with his/her life is personal between us and our maker and the giver of said “life”.  Each with lessons to go through that will take us to a sea of understanding.  If we care to swim or not, understand or not –is still a personal choice or is it?  Not entirely.

Life is much like cereal in that there is enough of it in the box to go around, but you gotta be nice to the guy holding all the milk, cause no man is an island and we all need each other and/or milk or run the risk of choking.

Life isn’t that personal after all. The sooner we grasp how vital it is to offer up our own gifts to that universal breakfast table – the sooner we can get to what we need to make things copacetic and liquidy and less life threatening.   We can all agree though– this is one crazy, mixed-up, berry and nutty — sometimes honey-coated, other times downright flaky or mushy thing the Quaker Oats company  appropriately and beautifully called–Life.

By the way, please someone tell me the guy on the box wearing the hat –isn’t really God.  Oh good! Now, let’s eat!


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