Ambiguous You…And Me

At most, life is but a calculated shot in the dark, but still a gamble. We’re all pretty much aiming for the best, but doing it solely on hear-say.  A little history, a little faith, a lot of blind spots..bottom line — really, nobody knows for sure.  Not the best laid plans are immovable, something always goes all challenging on “plans’ butts”.  Insurance is a hoax—don’t buy into it.  The sooner we come to terms with this fact – the more fun even, dare I say, exhilarating the ride.  O.k., so maybe not that exhilarating…its all in the “not knowing what to expect”.

Goals are good, we should incorporate them in our daily lives regularly, like once every let-down of something you were counting on yet which did not quite come through.   Ideals – are nice to have as well –until you drink then watch  how some of those same ideals take flight out a neighboring window.  Morals are necessary– they provide the soft, warm place to land on as opposed to the cold, dark jail cell.  Always cute to have on hand – those morals are!  Even our parents make themselves scarce, we can’t really blame them anymore… what then?

Reverenced and timeworn– maybe, but really accurate that the only thing we can count on is ourselves making the most of life and the most we can make out of life is getting a shot in the dark from it.  On purpose that way, we’re given way too little definition or instructions as to how to play –thus the mystery. ” It is in the mystery that we become the Sherlocks of our own fate”, –nice one huh?? —made it up myself..

Life will always be speculatively natured –this isn’t about to change –its all about us and how we vessel ourselves through it.    Yet knowing this fact, individuals partaking at this game called life now have a few choices and add-ons.  For one thing, treating  life as a fighting chance only but also fundamentally understanding that if we’re here– we all stand a pretty good one at it.  Ambiguously going about our business- undefinable perhaps,  but to someone and somehow – we exist — less shady.

Take heart however, —we do have the unexpected waiting for us and if we’ve developed a good attitude towards the unknown though with no clear path there, plus if we’ve established friendships with people along this path– who genuinely care about us no matter who or what we are, just that we’re the good guy  – then,  we are so winning this game!


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