Its All Coming Together Now…

Regardless that we try to grasp or don’t  really try but pretend to try — people, usually slowly and eventually and sometimes by default announce who they really are.  They catch up to themselves.  Then once we know about them—are we really that interested.  Shhhhh! don’t talk…let your actions speak for themselves.  Someone who is interested in solving your puzzle will be taking notes.

I think mystery, minus the criminal record, is an essential part to the human being.  A crucial part of this game. Don’t tell all – you mustn’t.  Don’t  answer questionaires about your favorite colors—colors … really???   Don’t just say you believe in God—believe in God—it’ll show!  Alright, I’ll be politically correct – your higher source.  Not sure if I should have capitalized that last bit… oh well God, though correct–  isn’t political anyway – He gets it and won’t be throwing me in ‘bad-spellers’ jail or jail for people who don’t capitalize when they’re supposed to.

If you mind your own business in life, and you do good for others while no one is looking (no media, no YouTube)  but just because its what you do, which is good for others especially when no one is looking  – that to me is so sexy and mysterious.   It’s a good look and keep it.

Clark Kent step aside, make room for the supermen w/o the suit everywhere – rendering things all the more mysterious and less ‘solved-for-us-in –twenty-two episodic-TV- minutes’. It all comes together, but in due and real time.   Sometimes it takes forever like twenty-three minutes– not enough footage to cover the mystery in our own lives and good!


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