Bull-ief Systems

Worth investigating at least because our beliefs could be the root of all—good, bad, and wrong.  Waking up is what is entailed here—a massive awakening to the idea that our beliefs have been systematically working for or against us and how we must tap into this in order to change or keep what we like.

From the minute we’re born, though we may not quite remember the minute nor the four years following, someone else’s beliefs were allotted to us.  Someone caring for you, believed it to be cold out and persuaded you of this, you in turn bought into this and wore the wool sweater to school while everyone else was still in tunics.    Someone else raising you would go to church every Sunday and drag innocent, sleeping people out of their beds to go to church with them—thus another belief instilled.

If you were raised in a jungle then you believed bananas were good and bear sounds were bad and that goats had no business in a jungle—just wrong.  If you were one of the few, the lucky and the proud to be brought up in the concrete jungle of a city then you believed that people get from point A to point B quicker by stressing and experiencing discomfort around the heart area mostly.

If we made it this far -now we’re all growd up– can we all agree that beliefs need re-examining at least.   That they’re are own to re-examine before we unwittingly pass on our less than fruitful and borderline poppycock, sometimes downright poppycock beliefs on to others, others more susceptible to believing all-  like two year olds and certain larva.

People believe what, ultimately, other people taught them to believe whilst still impressionable …until!  Until there is no excuses anymore and we wake up, usually by way of jolt, to our own answerability.  What stays and what seriously must go– comes down to what we decide to believe.


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