Relationship(s) Are Ridiculous


…they are!  But the good news is almost everyone on the planet wants to be ridiculous and get involved in one –or six.  However not at the same time, though there is that one show about the  dude that is married to a few wives at the same time in real time.    The rhetoric question which comes back show after mouth-gaping show, “is this man incredibly lucky or is he under suicide watch when not being recorded for TV”?

What bible is he reading that urges men to take on this type of uncharted and ill-conceived mission?  What bet did he lose and can he not work something out by saying a few thousand prayers of salvation every hour (while kneeling on raw rice in aisle four at K-mart) as a trade off for three, maybe four wives.

What crosses his mind, besides variety every single night of the week? And, finally,  is ‘gettin some’ and remaining ‘busy’ like a jack rabbit stipulated somewhere in his ‘special bible’ too? Right after the commandment  “ thou shall not covet thy neighbors wife” –he wouldn’t since he’s got all his neighbors’ wives—thus he’s obeying.  And right before the other commandment , “take it easy there cow-disciple—leave some for them thar other less ambitious or less unhinged guys.

I’m sure he seriously, with tears –real ones,  rethinks this silly bravado when his wives PMS at the same time or at least tell him they are but, really, they’re just re-reading the chapter hailing that all lady razors be banished from the land—and loving it.

That’ll convince him to reduce, reuse, recycle.   Relationships are tough in the one-per-customer sort of times—maybe want to downsize somewhat next time shopping for a soul mate.  That’s ‘a’ soul-mate – no plural, … plural bad.







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