Children Of A Less Tech-Savvy God

The computer– most people now wear like an accessory or an artificial limb.  It is the wave of the future, someone with a suit was quoted as stating  about thirty years ago.   A wave that has all but managed to drown us or at least drown out what we didn’t want to hear.

Meanwhile and back at the ranch, people are still dying of malnutrition and starvation every minute.  Every minute that’s every sixty-seconds displayed digitally at the bottom right hand side of the computer screen.  Twenty  years after first witnessing a commercial pleading for financial assistance to foster a child –a human child,  last night again, I watched the same commercial pleading for more help of the urgent kind.  What, you mean the quick-silvered-ness of technology’s claim didn’t get my cheque to them yet.  Had I known it would take that long– I would have delivered it by horse and buggy myself or learned to steer a really slow boat there.  However, I do believe I saw a computer roasting on an open fire in the backdrop of the commercial, so something has changed.

In this highly technological day, where as fast as you could think it, you could smoke it – non virtual people are unfortunately still going hungry.  Same sickly children, parent-less, homeless, famished.  Do we, even know what famished means?  Tell that to our doughnut laden keyboards.  Technology is responsible for so many good things though and one more thing they could fine tune is expediency – getting the people what they really need and getting it to them– yesterday.

Here’s a thought–  I don’t think these poor folks had the time to develop peanut allergies what with the shortage of peanuts there.   Maybe we can send them our  First world’s surplus of  the ill-reputed peanuts. And, maybe we can gut out our computers to use as transportation devices for the peanuts to be shipped in.  Get them there pronto, thirty years ago …

Computers are good for something after all.


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