To Yo Own Self-Be True

To be honest with ourselves is one of the most challenging things humans, periodically and poignantly so, are called upon to do.  It’s a rite of passage back to our own authentic selves. Finally coming to terms with accepting the color of our hair doesn’t count—at all.  To take on and later boldly embrace what we really need to work on about our least favorite character attributes– the same ones  everyone we know aren’t too crazy about in us either — counts for everything.  This is the process and ever diligent endeavor of being true to ourselves.  Nothing good comes easy. How true this is.  Life is on purpose this way and go figure.

Our own personal truth and our reason for being is established by working backwards and striping back the layers of camouflage laid there by none other than ourselves– when we weren’t looking.  Maybe for protection and self- preservation once upon a time, but that now may serve no real purpose except to create distance. And distance is what we don’t want to create.  Distance to our true selves is the imposter.

It seems we have our work cut out for us in this lifetime, if we do little else – we’d have to get real before departure time.   And once we are real and accessible to ourselves thus to others– the bonus here is that we’ld have accomplished all that was ever humanly expected of us in the first place.

To thine own self be true — Shakespeare knew exactly what he was saying, even if his spelling was a little off…what is a ‘thine’ anyway?


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