Good Friends Are Hard To Come ‘Buy’…

I have about a million and then, really, I may have three.  This is because friendship as depicted on TV shows feature bouncy individuals that are willing and jolly participants to being the secondary characters to you and your dramas.   These type ‘friends’ don’t have lives of their own and they’re paid handsomely for this role of not having a life of their own.  Their only scripted concern is you and whatever you may be going through, because it’ll only last thirty episodic minutes anyway, minus commercials.

Say you’re suddenly thrown in TV prison for driving without a permit, a TV scripted  friend comes along or is cued in and pays the bail for you utilizing TV money.  No sweat off his or her recently powdered brow.   A friend in need here– is really just an actor in need of the role of friend so he could pay his bills. Also, so they can now afford one of those flat screen TV versions for themselves – to which you’re not invited to watch the football game off of nor anything Jennifer Aniston was in – that’s just for friends.

That’s why having three real, non-virtual and never employed as one on a show about having a million friends—is a considerable amount of friends to have.   A million friends is a statistic, three is a likelihood and if you’re not living in a cave someplace in the Himalayas where your only friends are lamas—then three is the right ratio.

My friends have lives of their own, a part of which I as their friend am sometimes asked to let them have the leading role, let them have their dramas, let them occupy life’s center stage.  I am only honored to do so.  When one finds him or herself  using real money to bail out someone they care about, when devoting more than an unpaid TV guide half hour to help a friend happens on irregularly scheduled times — quality kicks quantities’ butt each and every time.  A real friend will kick butt for you too—forgot to mention – those are just stunt-friends you witness on TV –you want to not befriend this notion.



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