The Restorative Powers Of Gravity

clipboardSpace should remain illusiatory in my opinion.  It’s lonely at the top! The movie Gravity was good in making the point that space can never have a zip code and also that nobody would come to the housewarming—how would they get there?

Sure it’s a nice a place to visit and if George Cloony is your moon walking buddy, who wouldn’t want to camp out for a while in space. Its quiet and you not only get to watch the view –to earth you are the view.   But once George Cloony is out of the picture,  Sandra Bullock believes she has nothing to gain by coming back down to earth and begins resigning to her very likely and way too untimely demise.

The blatant difference between feeling lonely and being alone becomes “get me outta here” clear.   Where the former is just a rut until you organize your next party – the latter is a perpetual state with a population of one forever and ever or until the oxygen runs out.  The only hope is if one day maybe a sexy looking piece of debris floats your way for a little company.   Actually a floating debris is where I thought Cloony would have hitched a ride back on to meet up with a desolate Bullock.   But no, that was it for him and his face– much too early and much to the disappointment of  all the women in the audience and a few of the men and the couple of ambiguous looking astronauts in the back row (it was the floating popcorn that gave them away).

Crowded and filled with smells, sturdy under our feet usually, breezy and sunny and sugar and spice and almost everything nice, earth is the final frontier really — no further questions… sorry Mr. Shatner –you had your chance.

I say hooray for earth a.k.a this ‘gravitational pull we’re atmospherically inclined to live in’… where taking some alone time remains but an option.  Because later, once we’re done sulking and declaring we need some space, we can walk out of our room then we can drive over and meet a few friends for coffee.  Coffee, next to air– the other crucial element missing in space.  I looked but found no floating Keurigs in the backdrop.


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