Giving Thanks Pilgrim Style

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Lets examine closely what this implies if its to be fulfilled successfully.  It’s the giving of thanks for the eating of turkeys.  Its the giving thanks for the abundant  pies and the pre-booked Jenny Craig appointment .  It’s the strawberry preserves we mistook for canned cranberry sauce and had it as as the holiday condiment none-the-less.   It’s the newly localized room in our tummy in order to stuff the last and very resistant piece of ‘non-diet stuffing’ stuffing –  Thank you so much for that – that’ll  be another half hour on tread mill.  Someone roll me onto the next eater-friendly holiday a few days down the calendar to the left.

Lets all remember to give thanks before carbs and on turkey-less days. Like when they were thankful for finding a little gravy to go with their tree bark and penicillin-thankful. As John Wayne said “life’s tough pilgrim – its even tougher after we’ve inhaled modified and saturated fats…’’’ . But they’re so good and readily accessible and pre-stuffed for our convenience – I know… thank you turkey fabricator.

John Wayne …  “well good luck Pilgrim – not my night to do the dishes and mighty thankful for that”….

I’m thankful for John Wayne…movies.


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