Robin Hood Girl

Given the opportunity at having the merry task of distributing money to those in need — I would, indeed, become a vigilante on my spare time and when I’m not working.  Though I cannot ride a horse, nor have I done much robbing from the rich lately,  I certainly feel like setting things straighter in the world–  even when I PMS, in fact–a little more so.

That is society’s biggest unresolved hang up–  whether male or female or other (merry/gay) if they ride horses or not – power corrupts the most well intended of Robin Hoods once they reach posts of imperium (government job) — reducing them then to mere and babbling politicians.  Very little of the funds or stash money makes it back to the people (sole objective) as has been the case since before medieval times– the pre-‘evil’ times or before leotards made a come back.

Oh sure, the merry men and women put on their tights and ride their mustangs to work every morning where their plush offices with the woodsy feel await them, but can they muster the courage to ‘give back’ to the people?    All those years in school acquiring bachelor degrees on how to right the political wrongs and be fair and just on a statutory basis, intending to produce real  and global change for we, the people, and not just one stretch of woods located in the White House’s backyard.

One job – that’s all they had and they failed miserably at our expense. There is a serious shortage of philanthropic Robin Hoods where it counts.   I suggest slapping on leggings and making the right moves of the legislative or even vigilante genre would now suffice.

Whatever freakin works!  For wearing leggings if you don’t mean it or on the wrong type government body is considered an obscenity law — and… well… nobody needs to see that!


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