PAL-O-WEEN — Go With A Pal Or Don’t Go At All

Halloween is getting nuttier and I don’t mean the candy coated enrobbing kind of nutty.  I mean lu-nut-ic and I still don’t mean an arachis. The same folks that twenty years ago invented the much unneeded practice of placing needles strategically within the apple and then distributed it to unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, have become much more sophisticated with their evil stupidity.

Plus, its safe to assume that they probably lost their jobs giving them much more free time. Probably weren’t voted as fine upstanding citizens, nor asked to run for town mayor either. This, coupled with accessible-as-air-cable and all kinds of DIY shows on how to do something bad using everyday household appliances – the result is we now run the risk of having our kids eat something that has been tainted and re-wrapped back together perfectly to look untainted (except for the manufacturers tainting of refined sugar).

Who are the people in your neighborhood – are they good folks or are they cra-cra?  Why do we send our kids out there every Halloween to test the waters and find out by way of candy? I know we sort our candy before allowing the kids to eat them, but now we’d have to dissect the candy, send it to the lab for testing and wait a few days before consuming.

Paranoid? Maybe!  But I have great teeth.

Halloween suggestion:  Hold a party– with pirates and demons and witches and Elvis ghosts –people you know.

Treat the kids and the-kids-at-heart with less dirty tricks or criminal acts…

Its come to this – why fight it?


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