Still Powerful After All These Years…

He seemed like a great guy that President Kennedy. The kind of guy who was a buddy’s best friend, a loyal man to his wife and family, a people-person —just a great guy that guy was.  I miss him and I wasn’t even born during when he walked the earth.  When he walked right into people lives and living rooms. Then, after he died, when he walked into history books.   I just remember missing someone and not really understanding why but not questioning it either.  Now that’s a president if he can conjure up that kind of respect and honor from those who don’t even know him – and from the beyond.  If he can sway a nation and not even show up at the board meetings (mostly because he’s dead) – so this is the presidential power they speak of!

But I’m a Canadian.  Still!  JFK was the world leader—everybody’s friend and about as close to being an earthly savior as you can get–like the bible lent to him to us for a short time.  On loan so that we may understand that we are a world of people who survive off of ‘good’ and on ‘love’ – not so much petroleum.  Good and love is what got us this far-lest we forget.   He accomplished what he was destined to – we’re a better world for him and regardless of the fact that we’re still waiting for a replacement.


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