Is it A Pill,…Is it A Nutrient…No,No…It’s — VITA-MAN!

Death by vitamin, can it happen?  Is there such a thing as one too many one-a-days?  The one that sends one over the edge?   Can you turn into a vitamin … a walking, talking purplish Fred Flintstone?

Yet every day and all over the planet except, I believe the third world where they’re too busy being hungry– people pop these little guys—expensive and oblong and expensive.

As in everything else in life, lest we forget and we do forget… moderation is key.  Not to worry though, they now have a vitamin called the ‘Forget Me Not’s.  They’re cute and orange– tasting like chicken.

They have another one called, ‘Tell Someone You Love Them – they’re pink.  Another called, ‘For God Sake, Do A Good Deed Today’—they have this kind of intermittent flashing neon lightbulb-ish hue to them.  Another named—‘Love Is The Answer—this one is… you guessed it – red.

I like the one that’s called, ‘Pass Me That Plate Of Kale Please, Thanks’…green.

Have a ‘Strong In Love’ day every one — rainbow colored.


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