Regifting’s Not So Evil Side

MC900436403[1]The art of giving and receiving at Christmas time has since changed somewhat or considerably and commercially. The Gift of the Magi, written by O Henry depicts the art of giving and receiving in a little less lucrative, but none-the-less life changing fashion. The story is about  a married couple who sell their own cherished possession for the acquisition of what would hopefully become a cherished and insured possession to  the other.

O.K.  so they were poor but lets dwell on this for a moment anyway– shall we.  Essentially, this is Christmas giving at its core.  She gets her gorgeous hair cut off and sells it in order to buy her husband a gold chain for his watch.  The very same watch he goes to the outskirts of town to sell in order to buy combs for his beloveds’ gorgeous but gone-by-now hair (take it easy, if they wait it out it should grow back in a month). And they did this all without Walmart’s assistance.

But you get the idea.  Gift giving is understanding what someone else would really need and love and then understanding what we ourselves could and should go without in order to make someone else happy.  Sacrificial, regifting — call it what you will because, ultimately, nobody goes home from that Victorian Christmas parté –empty handed.

Regifting takes on a whole new mean entailing giving something that you really dig for yourself like thought, time and energy to give to someone else needy of your thought, time and energy.  C’mon — try it, what have you got to lose? Besides doing something really good– there’s the very real possibility of  fireworks in the bedroom later…  tis really better to give than to receive…

Though he didn’t know it at the time,  O Henry was on to something big with all that shady regifting going on.


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