Does The E-Harmony Perv-turned –Match-Maker Really Need To Stalk The Newly Established Couple And For How Long After They’re Married?



If you can notice what you have in your life right now and be appreciative to our God above. If you can use your life for some unselfish purpose and forego ego-stroking and self love.

If you can pass a mirror and not peer into it beseeching that it tells you you’re a handsome lad. Though all the while, the pimples all about you and fly away hairs and lines that make you look sad.

If you can ponder how to make my life easier, since I’m the destined one to share your dreams. To keep me safe and happy, not by things or objects, but availing yourself to me and form alliance in the unforeseen.

If you believe this is too tall an order, or that my expectations are too high… if you’re not thanking heaven for this offer, then walk away and don’t bother to try.   I will not change my ad and ne’er reduce it to fit nor suit the weakened and the lame.  I’ll wait a lifetime or two and from time-to-time induce it.  I know it will be so, but if it isn’t, then in that moment –mercy and not blame.


If you can save me from this life imposed on me and help me up so I could be that man.  I know I was once in some other lifetime, but I lay dormant for too long–  ne’er in demand.  Replaced by artificial heroes and machinery,  and reprimanded if chivalry I were to extend, cast amongst the disenchanted gender left to imagine and on a better day—pretend.

If you could see the miles I’ve left no trail on, and witness visions playing on my brain, the ones that make me real and not some villain though even he just searching for acclaim.  When corporation plans were laid to follow, follow I did but only to be seen, though in my soul I walked the path of emperor the dragon of my fate I would have slain.

All of my life I waited for a mission.  I listened and I searched the world through out.  I lost myself  in other peoples’ passions believing it was what life must be about.  Enabling others to find more of nothing and passing on the nothing I’ve just learned– to no one wanting to know not a thing of knowledge, nothing of love nor merit desiring to be earned.

If you can understand my souls’ need to be needed and see it as heroic and do not scorn, then search no further since you have just discovered that ’neath this shield of boy– that man is born.

© Rita Campese and GoAskRita, 2013


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