An Eight ‘Crazy Bricks Of Butter’ Christmas


I made a million cookies for everyone.  No one was spared from family to friends to strangers –to a few politicians.   Nobody got away that easy.   My victims should begin feeling the effects of the love I put into these cookies– riiiiiight….abouououout…..nooooooow!

That was sweet and mission accompli (accompli is a word—plus I live in a bilingual nation) – can you say the same???  Anyway I did enough damage in several languages and next year I will double the amount of folks I will systematically apprehend to bake for and show love to.   And, you wanna know something else– they will smile and feel happy, even if I have to burn three pairs of oven mitts to prove it.  Consider it a cookie threat.

Now, Merry Christmas!


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