Ssssshhhhh…The Stock Market Is Sleeping….

Somewhere nestled quietly and unperturbed and going largely unnoticed, if not completely unnoticed within the word “stress” is the word “rest”.  With a couple more “ss” thrown into it to demonstrate that  we’re doubly stressed today and for too many of the day’s hours. The word ‘rest’ was spelled correctly once too, until it didn’t get enough of itself and got all screwy turning into — you guessed it — the word ‘stress’.

We’re urged to recognize when we’re overworked and overeager to mass produce, mass consume and mass yawn and to, quite frankly,  -“go to bed already!”  The hidden and secret or ignored antidote “rest-s-s’… nudges gently at first encouraging or pleading with us to heed its command.  Or it may just go  back into hiding, disguising itself with caffeine and Red Bull and continue to be a generally tired crank — “you’re not fooling, anyone”.

For 2014 I bid everyone a sleepy year filled with rest and relaxation and much, much salvaged nerve endings. Peace and the Dow jones should ensue.


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