Its No Mistake That Life Is Imperfect

It would have extinguished itself long ago if we were to have known the answer to all things.  What would be the point and who would we tell of our new found knowledge.  Furthermore, where would the excitement be and who would give a rats *$$.

The imperfection of life is its own inherent and intended fault.  Life accepts all responsibility for coming to us in that imperfect way – it makes no qualms about it.  We, on the other hand find it incredibly difficult to accept responsibility for its and our ‘on purpose’ shortcomings and feel we must explain or at least hide its imperfection for another day – maybe forever. Wrong!

On a day when life’s imperfections are impossible to hide or explain away—life will make its debut urging us to take charge.  Happiness lives here.  Life’s ultimate goal is to find happiness for itself and especially for us, cause without us – life would be nowhere.  Ok it would be in cockroaches – but who would care and ick — hate those dang things.


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