Be Yourself– You’re Already A Star…Just W/O The Reality TV Show

The reason we’re not in the limelight just yet is because, somewhere, sometime we decided not to be – not just yet and, yes,  it was a choice.  We’ll know when the time is right—you can’t force these things.  Presuming, of course, you weren’t some Hollywood-recipe-good-looks child actor, where the acting business became a way of life for you beyond your control even beyond your bodily functions’ control.

Making it in the business has gotten easier depending on the business you’re applying for.  If its to be a celebrity – you’re in if you have good hair and an agent with good hair.  If you want to leave a mark in the world using your talents and great acting is one of your talents–then this could take longer but you wouldn’t need hair at all.   They’ll provide good, fake hair for you later.

Totally-Vicarious or TV, for short, suggests that the rest of us adapt a self-effacing approach to life.  Leaving things to the experts on the screen to live out –so that we may drool at all the  ‘living’ they’re always  doing.  Because it has become increasingly interesting to know how the lazy half lives.  Self appointed celebs,(full word ‘celebrities’  entails finishing high school)– self appointing themselves several times per day even with no underlying talent but only with great,big bank accounts.  Digits affording small continents where everyone on it wears disappearing yellow bikinis.  Lost within the many folds of flesh due to bad camera angles or superimposed from innocent tourists butt fat whilst he/she (hard to tell) is doing what he/she is there to do and overlooking the ocean.

But they’re rich and so we let them saunter.  They’re professional saunter-ers the celebs are—its even on their resume stipulated as such.  You’re given your own show if you maintain that you’re this amount of ‘lazy’ and will be til the end of time.  Sign here please. “No,… that ‘x’ will do just fine’.

Some are great actors – you know the handful I speak of — the ones that have been around longer than most celebs put together and lets thank God unitedly for this blessing.  The natural born actors which after viewing their performance give us hope, not necessarily to become actors ourselves, but that these few, in particular, have been rightfully given the leeway, the mike, the stage to go to bat for us.  To say precisely what we would in the precise way we would –minus the academy award but only minor heart issues.

All the tan in the world can’t make a bikini look good for too long before both fade. Yet, if an actor can convince the viewer that though a raincoat is worn there’s a bikini underneath — this is classic good acting and eternal.

Acknowledging who the formidable actors are amidst the less than formidable ones – is a talent on its own which one should be proud of exhibiting at small reunions and birthdays.   Granted, it is getting a wee bit trickier to tell the ‘real’ ones from the ‘real-ity’ ones.  However, only if you stare too long at all things yellow to the left of you while at checkout stands in supermarkets.  Look away from the false lighting.



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