Still Breaking Badly — Part II — Walt Knew…. and…. Oh yeah its my Birthday

IMG_3590He knew. For miles and miles he dragged us with him.  We resisted and begged him to leave us be, but we didn’t really mean it.  No, we wanted more and begged him take to take us with him.

Breaking Bad was like eating piece after piece of chocolate cake though the doctor advised you not to. The show spoke to our inner struggle with acceptable vs. non-acceptable and  Walter White won every time.

He knew. He asked us to put our faith in him that he knew exactly what he was doing and why?  He asked us, the viewers and surrogate participants of the show to believe he would reveal why he did what he did.  That there was indeed a method to his madness and that we’d eventually accept what he did.  He never once said we were going to like it, he did say, however “tough” if we were going to bitch about it though.

Cause sometimes, and this time for five television seasons in a row– that’s just the way things go down.


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