Breaking Badly Part III- Stop Writing About It? Make Me!

Must stop analysing the stuffing out of Breaking Bad and probably a better idea for me to stop exhibiting Walter White attitude at grocery stores when a favorite item of mine has suddenly been discontinued.  No store camera is safe from my wrath nor my mittened hand plus I’m starting to look at Stevia differently now.

Nahh… I thought about it – I won’t stop.  I’ll take my chances even if I should alienate friends and co-workers around me – oh well!  Breaking Bad should be considered Hollywood’s book of rules or their Bible.  The standard to which it lives up to each and every time.  Hefty demand– that’s their problem.

Yet,  I live here in Oh Can-esten  and, try as we may, our live action films will eternally suck  — lets just face facts.  Luckily for me at least I own the full box set of Breaking Bad to save me from perpetual mundanity.


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