There Are Times When All I Could Do — Is Bake.

Sometimes what I hear or come across bothers me because it happens to be wrong and for some odd reason it is beyond my control to say or do anything about it and suddenly, I feel like baking– something.

I’m not going to share a recipe with you in this particular post, what I will admit to is baking a lot these days.  Too much supply for the little demand – this is when I’m compelled to bake the most.  I bake anyway, even more so when nobody will admit to needing a cake from me much less admit they’re wrong.

Sometimes when I can’t knock sense into some unenlightened folks I know or thought I knew, some I’ll never know personally and gratefully so… sometimes I am driven to bake without thinking.  Sifting, measuring, mixing.  Bake til it hurts, not enough baking powder/gun powder (whichever is handy) in the world bake, bake to forget, bake to cover up. An army of gingerbread men wearing icing half smiles sent off to do battle, or menacing bunny shaped cookie cut-outs to protect and defend my interests or my small country. But mostly I bake to shut up.

Shut up the constant need in me to care and make better.  If  I can’t make better then I’ll make batter.  Any way  I’m not God, why should people listen to me – I could be wrong.  Just stay out of my field of vision while you don’t want my advice … I can’t see what I’m baking or conquering here and well…time is of the vanilla essence.


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