Breaking Bad – A Course In Coolness

Get out your pencils and papers kids cause this is important – you may want to jot this down.  I swear if I wasn’t such a Canadian due to a series of events when my dad immigrated a family of 9 from Italy, ended up here in romantic, little Politcal Town in Legislature ville on Parliament drive along Congress lane next to  Government Pizza Hut road.  It was a toss up between here and some place cool –like anywhere in the states.   I would have had a  role on “Breaking Bad” – I just know it.

I would have made the best coffee for the staff, I could have been a contender.   Alas, I was geographically challenged from the get go – there was nothing anyone could do about it. Until now, redemption time… no I’m not moving out of the city– coolness came to me.  It lives in my living room every weekend whilst holding Breaking Bad parties and fests celebrating its amazing-ness factor. Friends gather in my apartment on Chamber of Commerce block – we rock.

Back to the course: Don’t do drugs – Breaking Bad was worth not ever taking drugs and retaining every brain cell in tact.   Plus, staying straight as a suck has definite attributes.  Are you getting all this down– this is for the passing grade.


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