SmallVille As A Trait Is Not Sexy–Let It Be Known

I’m short but I consider myself big. Big on being the opposite of cheap. I would give the shirt off my back if this weren’t illegal to go without one yourself if you’re a girl. Cheap is for the birds. Cheap is a trait I sometimes reluctantly and unfortunately spot in others.

I have to look away when I do see this trait emerge from the depths of their being.   I can’t bear it.  Like they’re presently experiencing the unbearable lightness of a raped pocket book, after having dispensed of an entire dollar bill to buy a friend a coffee or help with leaving a tip.   Their faces get all contorted, they feign to have forgotten their wallet at home, they mimic the symptoms of an on coming heart attack – all to save a buck.    Academy winning performance material –zero accolades.

My mission is to eradicate cheap from the world.  To exercise the cheapness out of some people like it were a demon.  Oh look– there goes cheapness out the coffee house window.  Its o.k., –you can thank me later….

Save someone from cheapness today.  Life is short but why should it be small?

By-the-way – Happy Birthday To Me and thanks for the gift of the actual coffee house franchise down the street –nice!!!

See what happens when you’re not cheap in life—every so often somebody throws real estate your way.

Coffee anyone?!


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