The Tarantino Way

Its Tax Season – Run!

Some things in life – give life shape.  These things attached to deep inextricable emotions, powerful and widesweeping make us who we are and who we know we have to be.  And then there are our taxes—the ultimate opposite of deep, rather shallow instead, and where the only interest we have here is the one accrued should we file too late. Apologies, of course, in the stance that while growing up you always aspired to be found by a talent scout to go to work for H and R Block.

After watching a couple hundred juicy Hollywood pics – I wanna be just like them and be scripted to never have to file another tax return ever again.  After all, next year is another fiscal season.  But to be fair-er, government has that cute way about itself to halt everybody’s  play time – celebrities included – no one’s safe – a filing we will go.

E taxes are a little more bearable and closer to Dailymotion download free movies.  Jotting a number on line 142 here, zipping to a good scene there, back again to where reality bites.  Oh look,… there goes a considerable chunk of the hard earned money I made last year.  Can someone tell me why I didn’t wear a blond wig and zip up a leather cat costume leaping from building to building till I ended up in Maui while I had the chance.  Is it perhaps because taxes are just so much more fun and that I would get caught on my first leap.  Nevermind – I wouldn’t fare very well in jail anyway– no Netflix available.

So I’ll do the freakin’ taxes, but I’ll have you know, tax department, that in my mind and where it counts, my real motivator is to kill bill(s) and I’m adding and subtracting dividends to any Tarantino movie soundtrack.

File this!


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