Happy Veil-on-Tine’s Day Everyone

A “tine” is a sharp, projecting point such as a fork or another piece of cutlery – a knife perhaps.  And well, old English aside we all know what “veil” is.  A sort of play on the word valentine– veil-on-tine.  The true meaning,minus the chocolate, of Valentine’s day. Nothing more than  a temporary and manufactured truce, hiding emotional daggers by way of soft, fluffy veiled commercialism.  Also, because some chocolate gluten in the thirteenth century decided to name it valentine’s day instead after his fat behind due to chocolate-eating and for a quick roll in the hay with his present wench.

Big deal.  Love is the other three hundred and sixty-four days of the year.  It shouldn’t cost a cent. Its all the garbage your man can handle bringing out, it’s the leaky faucets needing fixing, it’s the baby aspirin at three a.m. to fevered toddler, it’s the pick-ups and the drop-offs. It’s the many times he supported you and it’s the many other times you supported him and no one was aware of what day it was on the calendar.  Like that kind of love.  Plus, you can’t fit this onto a greeting card.

By golly! You mean we had love all along and just forgot to stuff our faces with empty calories, pay ridiculous money for dinner out, jeopardize the babysitter’s life,while we were out, when she answered the door to a crazed advertising agent trying to sell her chocolate.

“See, we made it the other side of Valentine’s day honey, nobody’s hurt– lets celebrate “!


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