MP900314047[1]I don’t quite believe in excursions and the great outdoors.  They’re not that great or they wouldn’t be outside and excursion wouldn’t be an ex –how great could all this be?    I say– why rough it when we don’t have to.  The heavy gear, the pointed apparatus, nothing packing away neatly in OCD flare.  “Now where do I pack this flare again–next to the rubber life saver and the inflatable camp guide called Wilson”.   Why bother? That’s why God invented the Holiday Inn for all kinds of  inn-side holiday fun.

Why would anybody want to run the risk of meeting up with a non-friendly bear?  Why is it so alluring to eat hot dogs and dreaded beans for goodness sake.  Does it make much of a difference in the ripple of life – if one knows how to pack a two-ton camp sack expertly.  Will there even be time to pack at all should there be a real emergency?

Not I.  I prefer shelter and the option of taking it should I wimp out and can’t manage to light a fire between where I live and our local grocer.   The land where food is bought in order to be reheated in the plugged-in microwave (with a plug and a wall) and where no bear injuries are much reported – anymore.

Unless there’s a camera rolling and I’m a cast member of  Survivor or Amazing Race – I’m putting my fuzzy fox slippers  back on and,… “oh look…running hot water and a Sealy Posturepedic”.   “Move over Grizzly Adams–wanna watch some of that sexy National Geographic DVD with me? –I knew you would!”


2 thoughts on “Ex-Cursion

  1. F. Vinuela says:

    well ? what do I have to say ?…the best is a running out from all ‘ex’…but then life is always a lease to be run and never forget that ‘ex’ mean also ‘away from’…and to your question “…Why would anybody want to run the risk of meeting up with a non-friendly bear ?…” well, because otherwise you would never be selling the bearskin before catching the bear…
    good text, an ironic smile to outdoors…


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