The Fundamental Human-Minus The Funds

Money has nothing to do with it if not everything to do with it.  Flip side of that coin equates to a serious missing of the proverbial boat or ark which takes a tour around our lives periodically to see and even urge us to get on board – admission free.   Get on board with the understanding that tis really not money that makes the world go’round.  Money gives the illusion of making the world go round in a dizzifying manner ultimately resulting in nausea.  Then money is needed to wipe up the induced vomit.

Fundamentally though, stripped of funds one would survive anyway using that understated currency–we’ll call it, for lack of a better or more appropriate term– love. Not love of money — that’s just sets us back about million lessons– back with the gladiators.

Just love – I think, in fact, I’m pretty sure its in every parable in the bible.  Ah but if it were that simple—it is and with the dollar dipping and actually committing suicide at the Dow Jones level –we’ll need to resort to love again.  That’s why the ark stayed so dry and warm, people were asked to rid themselves of excess baggage and only bring the fundamentals with them or they’d sink if they’d be selfish and bring their heavy loot.

They made it across fine–then things got all screwy again and someone had the brilliant idea to sensationalize and put a price on any future voyages.  It must have been Saul from Breaking Bad.  Which these  are two of my favorite scripts, the Bible and Breaking Bad – different …yet the same, also both free.  Cause the Bible usually is and the Breaking Bad box DVD set, someone I love, gave to me for my birthday.

Go love!


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