As Real As Can Be


Being ourselves is too broad a concept– where would we start? Nobody is entirely themselves to others. Nobody should even try. Life is one long party of one –ourselves. We close the bar at half past never and have the option of inviting others to join us, then ask them nicely to go away please. That’s when we’re left with our maker, I’m not implying the coffee maker– I mean “The Maker”– there’s only one.

Of course, we reach out to touch someone also alive and vibrant –fantastic– even more so when reciprocal. Some, not all because not everyone needs to be in on our personal lives, people are simply foil. They’re like cast members to our theatre piece, at times willing participants other times quizzical looking creatures quizzically asking if we’re alright. But that’s all they are– simply ‘the help’ to our own learning of why we’re here in the first place and what we came here to live out, accomplish and, dare I say,  even change –maybe improve a little or a lot.

Its an amazing notion commencing with lesson one which is that we’re here for a good time not a long time, so have a good time the sun can’t shine everyday. Also, to keep ‘you’ private as much as paparazzi -possible. I don’t mean secret security and wanted in seven states private– I’m suggesting silence, contemplative and regenerating, also golden — silence. Where no You Tube dare tread kind of silence.

In fact, I’m starring in my very own silent motion picture myself, the best part is I don’t even need to rehearse my lines, plus I sign my own autographs – I’m that real to me.


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