Finding Dependence In Independence

Standing or sitting alone in this world is not such a bad thing as its portrayed as the anti-fun, the party pooper, the non-winner. Hey now, lets leave ‘alone’ alone! It isn’t the culprit state of being. If employed properly and to its fullest and heartiest potential –our ‘alone periods’ won’t kill us but ultimately make us who we are … ‘stronger’ – which is who we are.

“Know thyself” -said someone, who I don’t know but can’t thank him/her enough for saying that. People falter, non-scientifically called FG or the Falter Gene. But what I didn’t make up and know for sure is that the only relationship worth investing in, even if we’re in a couple and its going great– for the moment,… is the relationship with ourselves. In fact, if the couple is going so great, this is attributable solely to us having a healthy relationship with ‘self’ first.

Then we can give to others who stand or sit there just putting us to the test, which we’ll pass with flying colors. I wonder who said  “flying colors”and my question is -why are they flying? Never mind me– these are just some of the questions going on my head and the same ones I depend on ‘me’ to answer.

You… dependable, reliable, opened 24/7 – “YOU”.


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