Cereal– As A Unification Factor

There is not a lot I can get into here, however “help, the language police is after us!” Isn’t the police’s principal role supposed to be to come to our aid. We don’t need any help here –we know how to speak English and, to save our lives, we know how to speak French too. Plus, it used to be fun practicing French by using it unabashedly when going to the corner store to buy drugs…err… sorry diapers… Pulling out our best French when having to get a leg-cast removed at the local clinic. Readily using our French whilst working in an office of English and French folks combined and to heck with where the accents landed.  We were all there for one main reason – the work at hand being the main reason, not so much the language we swore in.

The feedback was benign and so what if we blocs got things wrong or sounded  ‘a little off’ to them.  Ultimately, everyone had a good laugh and we’d go home with our pot, err I mean our pinatas and not even bring up the non-issue at dinner–twas that accepted and ‘normal’ –even cute.

Not anymore, merci beaucoup. Now the French we speak need be perfect or not recommended spoken at all.  The language police will be riding up close to test our french-ability.  One question “what up wit dat officer”?

Hey now, ho now Quebec settle right down– nobody’s disputing that we were already a distinctly unique place on the map.  It was even kind of quaint.  Why must push come to shove however? Why does distinct have to necessarily start meaning ‘alien’ as in nobody-gets-us-baffling, as in coo coo for cocoa puffs strange– or in French called– le cocoa puffs.

Losing credibility with every mouthful of nothing there Quebec. I suggest we all sit down at the bilingual bargaining breakfast table of life and shut up ‘fore we choke on our Alphabits.  Also just a cereal –language police–no real need to get your French undies in a bunch. The letters in my bowl have a mind of their own — I have no control over that.

Oh look… there’s a word forming up now — it looks like t.a.b.a.r.n.a.k … see, no control at all!  “Officer, arrest that frosted flake for not crunching in the right language!”


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