Dreams or Visions– Well, which is it already?


Because there comes a time when that distinction should be made clear – for everybody’s sake and so we sound less whiny. Some of those goals and dreams we held dear and even inaudibly uttered aloud and mostly when everyone was drunk anyway –therefore deniable once sobered – the daily grind took of them for us.

It’s meant to do that –mince up and recycle our own longstanding hopes along with old bill receipts, high school year books, old love letters, fattened and still sealed credit card envelopes, our kids half drawn and discarded drawings of dinosaurs, non-approved mortgage docs, bird cage liners (that’s one big bird).

Our own dreams withheld at ‘carrot before donkey’ length one too many dangerous times, when we realize carrots suck anyway, and the donkey had enough of a bad rap over the years – not a really catchy nickname.

We realize too that our dreams cannot and will not go away entirely, they just get seriously revised and proof-read by life and –now this is key– when the time is right, approved by the chief editor in the sky—Himself. He knows which to ditch and which to pitch—I think I made this up. Not sure whether I wanted to be an advertising agent or rap artist. Wait, let me look through the garbage, I thought I spotted a clue nestled between the coffee grinds and the pregnancy test kit. Oops!… so, what’s another twenty odd years in realizing your dreams anyway.

Hmmm… lets see… prestigious career as marketing executor or stretchmarks– prestigious career as marketing executor or stretchmarks? I’ll get back to you on that in 2035.




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