Blame Those Square Nodes In The Sky



So, the other day I was accused of being moody. Like “moody” was a cardinal sin or something of that ranking. When really moody just means “having a mood” and by that understanding—if you’re alive and reading this, you’re probably having some sort of mood now, rendering you –“moody”.

I looked it up and an astrology lady on the internet, who shares my fellow zodiac sign of the twelve signs shared only by twenty-seven million fellow like sign-ers… well, she said that “we” shouldn’t make any apologies for our moodiness due it being related to the nodes in the cosmos and how they’re squaring. Who’s Cosmo?

Anyway, I knew there was a great explanation for it. I also had no idea what she was talking about and so I stuck to the part where she said I shouldn’t apologize. And, no mood regulators for me, doc– but thanks for trying to push them –I like that dealer quality in doctors.  You keep em’ doc … you’ll need them after dealing with my natural highs and lows. Just remember never get high on your own supply!

Moods– what can I say – its a gift I got at birth– only me and twenty-seven million others. The other eleven signs and their twenty-seven million members each, get to be moody when their own nodes get squared –depending on how tight their jeans are at the moment.

Wait your turn, buddy!  I’ll take two mood rings to go… please, thank you.



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