No Such Thing As Accuracy…



…when predicting the weather today. I don’t mean today, as in Tuesday, I mean in today’s world. They didn’t always get it right in the olden days either, but at the very least they couldn’t claim to have sophisticated, state of the art, pricey and over-the-top instruments measuring weather forecasts. They had wooden legs to blame for sometimes mistaking rheumatic pain with phantom rheumatic pain when predicting oncoming monsoons.

But we could blame machinery and gear for non-accurate weather forecasts today and I don’t mean Sunday. Lets go ahead and blame apparatuses –they don’t have feelings – they can take it.

The next time you come across an old meteorological weather machine out on the curb and its raining, like that lamp from that Ikea commercial– you needn’t feel strangely saddened by the little and dejected inanimate object.  Put out there for malfunctioning or just slacking off at work, don’t offer to shield it from the hail storm which should have been forecast in today’s news weather … today, … I mean Wednesday.






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