…and when I do obtain world domination– these guys will get it first

What Up Dude?

I would like to meet the fella who invented female circumcision. It cannot be God, and it cannot be a female that came up with this highly barbaric and even more heinously permitted trend. Then I would like to, in my very  ‘non-medically-trained-and-loving-it-doctor’  self… give him one. Free of charge, of course, and of anesthetics.  Sell a few ring-side tickets, order pizza, call it a party, make it a statutory holiday…

I would claim that I thought female circumcision was the elective surgical practice turning adult males into females by incising male genitalia just any old wheres and on a really hot day. “Oopsie, daisy –did I snip off too much again”, sorry I get a little scissor crazy sometimes.  No worries, you’ll be glad to know that once you die, and where you’re headed, (excuse the pun) –you’ll be grateful you don’t have your balls to scratch.  Dude!… Really?  Maybe get another hobby.

In answer to my question at the start– I suppose not much sup now.  Next!



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