John Gray author of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus –I would like to know if he’s still married and to tell him to pick a couple more planets like our ruling ones.  A woman’s ruling planet is children and motherhood–a man’s ruling planet is usually not. That’s what Mr. Gray forgot to weave in to his accounts of the many profound ways men and women differ in our communication — its actually bottom line different. Not only important enough that it bares mentioning but it would make a much shorter book, maybe even just a phrase like this:  ‘Men are from Mars– Stay There,Women are too busy on planet earth raising the kids men gave them’.  Of course I refer to the couples who already have children and are battling ‘couple disillusionment’.   The couples who don’t have kids yet, should have all the time in the world to devote to getting clear about stuff– no strings attached here, no kids pulling those attached strings.  
  Because she is afraid of not being supported, she unknowingly pushes away the support she needs.  John Gray…Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus….
If support comes too late, what’s the point! Yes, of course… then men could turn around and say “because I don’t ask if I should  change the baby’s diaper while she is doing one million other things to uphold the structure of house and home and she would probably need that I change the goddamn shitty diaper without me having to ask her, thus stopping her from spinning on her axis and risking us all getting killed…she gets very moody and cranky and pushes me away…that’s not nice of her — I can’t read her mind,  how was I to know the baby’s diaper needed changing while she’s saving our universe from crumbling?” 
Two words, sniff test.  Do a sniff test is what Mr. Gray should have recommended, yet he never does… sniff the baby’s diaper to see if change is needed, sniff to see if your better half is really busy and could use a hand without her “telling you” or men call it “nagging you”. Then do a sniff test to see if a fire just ignited in her heart when she notices you changing the baby’s diaper when she could not. 
There are many more quotes in the book– none of them should really stand alone without an argument, (actually the rule of thumb is –whoever is standing there with a dirty diaper in hand – wins) .  Also, the quotes all sound like this, if blah blah blah b-blah blah blah… then blah, blah, blah, blah and oh yeah… blah!  Blah. 
I rate the book a 2 on 10 — a number two on ten.   There aren’t enough planets that hold explanations for our behaviors.  We`d all really would have needed one…earth. Moving was unnecessary!

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