I think we have a God who likes good drama or and even better– comedy. He’s made every one of us so unique and edgy and full of quirks. He goes out of his way to cast us in uncomfortable settings with those we would never have chosen ourselves. But, once on set, in order for all of this to be worth it and believable at the same time, we learn about ourselves and about one another. Through skits and plays and canned laughter and crocodile tears– they do seem real, don’t they – every rehearsal ensures we get better at acting, better still, at knowing the self.

He directs us together with others who will bring out the best and worst in our acting and acting out. Our lines, poignant and familiar sounding, like they’ve been said before–this is only because they have– only the names and faces change.   Thousands upon thousands of times, in every staged or real household–same difference. By rote we say the words, some we actually mean …others–its like we’re possessed or something and echoing more a horror movie or romantic comedy – also, same difference here.

We then learn what traits we must keep in us and those we must let go of so that we become sleek in character and soul– enough to fit into that other side. Its more demanding a fit, the soul department of things would be,  than we previously assumed.  Admission rates have stiffened, so we best go armed with something called ‘pure love in ourselves – no matter who our co-stars were’.  Now this is a role to remember and not hard to achieve once we lose our over payed agents and know-it-all managers, and listen instead to our inner director – you guessed it, none other than– God.

Hopefully, by the end of this drama turned made-for-TV movie– we will have mastered the one true Oscar performance which promises entry level status. We will have become the most important character role intended by Him for us as individuals. Comfortable and sort of eternal, so we’d better act like we mean it and as though this one is for the Oscar.


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