Tonight I watched Guardians of the Galaxy with my daughter… and I enjoyed paying that money. I liked the movie so much, I wanted to pay the theater house twice. Probably, because I had so much money left over from not spending the same amount in popcorn.

The movie was about an earth kid whose mother passes away and who immediately gets abducted by some misfit aliens and is raised as a space kid.  Twenty-six years later, the kid now turned adult-space-alien-outlaw, goes by the name Star Lord and with the benefit of 3D special effect outlandishly (of, course …its space), must conquer the even more bad guys who want to be the best around by owning an artifact in Star Lord’s possession. Gotten that way, in his possession, because he didn’t want to give the ball back after being sent to steel it by the same bad bunch that initially abducted Star Lord when but a child. He was always in trouble for stuff just like this when he was in earth school.

The whole time Star Lord listens to the only earth item he came with which was a cassette music tape from the eighties and its accompanying head phones. The songs are the good ones, so it made every parent over forty in the audience want to pay the theater house twice.

And there’s a smart aleck talking raccoon in it, which space movie is complete without one? I guess all of them, but this is Marvel Comics — they like spiders a lot too.

This movie … moved-me.


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