Fold Don’t Beat



Love like batter, if it is to be a lovely success story requires an approach which is tempered, unhurried, firmly-yet-fairly distributed throughout. What is also useful is the strong belief in the non-collapsibility of the fluffy soufflé or the fluffy heart. The process of beating instead of folding — permanently knocks down the precious bubbles, spontaneous and remarkable as bubbles characteristically would be.  Folding rather than beating, however, is the exact and crucial tenderness needed to preserve the batter’s integrity, the heart’s bubbly and true virtue. Attitude is almost everything, a patient one actually is everything.

Alley ways freed of harshly and over beaten muffins that were never allowed to rise to their destined potential just eventually, frustratingly thrown out of apartment windows. Ladened with abuse, weighted  down and well…poof! And alleys rid of sunken hearts handled brusquely, impatiently and never once enveloped to avoid destruction but attain their absolute wonder. Deflating hopes of perfect joy attained if and only when care to wrap over gently, respecting, whether dough or heart, the original intent waiting to emerge from these folds and ventricles.

And in the end there is no real mystery to neither the art of culinary or love.  Applying one rule–the one which claims ‘that easy most often does it’.  Of course most is a good average–for there are documented cases of incomprehensible failures– but then bad eggs are bad eggs and have their own spatulas to bear.  So, if its true that there are only a number of ingredients that go into making a cake, what then could possibly go wrong? Also, people come in all shapes…yes… all we really want though –is to love and to be loved –simple.

Yet sadly and depending on our tactics, our methodology and our home economics back ground, cakes all over the world fail every six seconds. As for love– it can only thrive in the gentle and non-crushing strokes of the compassionate baker–creator.



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