The Motivational Speaker That Didn’t Speak


I heard it though, loud and clear and no words told me. Words remain ever so cheap compared to what is not said through the mouth…but rather lived out by the in-and-out breathing mechanism of a mouth. Remember? That understated and largely forgotten other purpose a mouth has. Maybe even the real purpose the mouth is actually for.

Yesterday, Jason Becker, great guitar player, taught me a lesson. Not a guitar lesson, for all I know of guitars is that they can sound majestic, can stir the soul, and that I am thoroughly contented in listening to great guitar playing only.  Mostly, not actually prove to myself and others that I may, very much suck at it.

The lesson was taught me via the non-traditional speech form, which for me, usually drops off into nothing anyway by the time the lesson had been menaced and bullied out. No, Mr. Becker, who unfortunately lost his ability to speak along with the ability to do for himself all other daily things because he got ALS when he was nineteen years of age –yesterday, while watching a documentary about him– made the loudest impact.

I got the incredulous understanding that creation must create regardless of all obstacles in its way. He developed, with the help of his loving entourage of people, a way to keep getting his music out and across to us. Ahem, and so it is then that when creation is threatened, creation finds a way to create another route there– but create- it must.

Jason’s example is clear one, he can’t jump up and down his message, nor cram it down our throats (our poor throats… they have taken abuse over the recent years with all those motivational messages). The ones leaving a poor after taste to them as we witness how the motivational speaker himself jumps and skips his way to the bank with our money. Tis our money alone which motivates these guys –nothing for us to  memorize here.

Not with Jason and not now in our cognitive day.   His message is the most forceful but its a loving force that sustains it long after we turn off the TV.  Its a message we can and actually should all use which depicts how we’re all here to get quiet and breathe rhythmically alongside what makes us individually and uniquely special. Hush up everyone, and lets take a cue from our source, God, who is really quiet but deafeningly potent.

It was ‘nuf said’ long ago in everyone’s life… its time to breathe and speak only when we know that the next few words will be moving someone in the direction of love and all that it entails.  We already know, no need for words.

Thank you Jason.


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