We Are Family… and Happy Mother’s Day to all who nurture life!


I watched an episode, maybe twelve, called 19 Kids and Counting. You may have heard, or seen it– its a hit reality show and I knew only that I needed to make that difference for myself. Was it real or were they such great actors acting those spellbindingly juicy roles … a mom, ….a dad, … kids!

And that house they lived in, was that just a prop or did it really have a roof and some doors. Even the their pets were suspect to me, as in too well-behaved and never once being the animals that they truly are.

I decided to investigate further,asking such questions as, is this some kind of rekindling of the ‘Brady Bunch’– only now these are the  ‘Baptist Bunch’? Because, if so, this is totally working for me. And, who didn’t want to be the seventh Brady child to mesh in with the bunch?  And, really…who doesn’t like stretch marks???

I realize what makes these types of shows as popular as they are, I believe its to do with love and how viewers like to look at love on TV from a safe distance away. Scripted and beautiful and minus those disturbing commercials about toilet paper with some bears attached to it — its all the love you can get– free and no questions asked.

Ratings reveal that every day, millions of viewers seek the idea of family and constipated bears to make them feel whole again. The ratings depict most people seek what they think they don’t have or don’t have as perfect as the fake actors have on shows like these.

The reality part of it is – once we realize we already have what it takes to show up in our own lives, starring, producing,directing ourselves as ourselves…then there would be no need for shows, just a lot of unemployed TV families but successful ‘real’ families.



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